John Ashton

John Ashton is a former morning show radio personality that residences in Louisville Kentucky. You’ll know this because he mentions it constantly. He’s also a die-hard Red Sox fan, loves his bourbon (he DOES live in Louisville, after all), is a Tom Brady fan and has worked as a DJ in places like Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, and in Maine, of all places. John will tell you (and Neal has to agree) that John is the better golfer of the two.

Neal Michaels

Neal Michaels is also a former morning show radio personality that lives in San Diego, CA.  A Dallas Cowboy and Minnesota Twins fan, he is a sports junkie.  He spent most of his time as a DJ in the Baltimore/Washington area as well as in Atlanta.  Neal loves to create the 6 pack of questions so that The Approach Shot guests tell stories you aren’t likely to hear elsewhere.